A Rogue Court Decision – An Assault on our Constitution

A Rogue Court Decision – An Assault on our Constitution

This week the 3rd District Court of Appeals upheld a gag order, from Mercer County, against CountyCoverUp.com by a 2-1 margin. We believe in the Constitution and the First Amendment and will appeal this decision to The Ohio Supreme Court. Eugene Volokh, a nationally known attorney, has already agreed to be a part of our legal team.

The Constitution has been preserved by courageous men and women who have served our country since its founding. CountyCoverUp.com believes we must fight this rogue ruling to prevent The Mercer County Mafia from trampling on our Constitution.

Mercer County arranged for this gag order, upon CountyCoverUp.com and Jeff Rasawehr, for reporting on a specific crime. The Mercer County Mafia went even further by getting the court to restrict Rasawehr from seeing his sons. We are confident this was done to create a bargaining chip to get Rasawehr to take the CountyCoverUp.com website down.

Violating our rights under the First Amendment by preventing CountyCoverUp.com from reporting on a specific crime is a travesty, and we feel that we must take a stand. When we obtained the final piece of evidence to prove our position Mercer County rushed to the courts to “block” the release of this information.

At what point will the citizens of Mercer County say that enough is enough! CountyCoverUp.com remains determined to expose The Mercer County Mafia and to stand for the First Amendment.

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