Jeff Rasawehr’s Trial is Next Week

Jeff Rasawehr’s Trial is Next Week

Jeff Rasawehr’s trial is on for May 21-24 at Celina Municipal Courthouse despite grave concerns regarding the jury pool. We have had three pools of jurors so far and what is very concerning is that 32 of the jurors from the previous jury pool showed up again in the latest pool. For clarity, the probability that 32 of the same jurors would be randomly selected again for Jeff’s trial is .00032 percent. This calculation was done by a university mathematician. It is important to note that the first juror pool had Sheriff Jeff Grey and Matt Fox’s secretary in it. It seems they were trying to tell Jeff, “we can put whoever we want on the jury.”

At the trial, Jeff and his lawyers will prove that Mercer County Officials have selectively targeted and persecuted him and that the Mercer County Mafia needed to attack the first amendment rights of Jeff and suppress his speech exposing because he was exposing their corruption. The tactics used by Jeff Grey and Matt Fox cannot be tolerated in the United States of America!

Please come and support the Constitution next week and help to bring an end to The Mercer County Mafia. May 21st will be final jury selection. The 22nd and 23rd will be the actual trial. We expect a verdict on the 24th.


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