Explosive Video Exposes Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse in Fort Recovery Schools

Explosive Video Exposes Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse in Fort Recovery Schools

Jeff Grey and Matt Fox refused to give us this video interview (see below) for more than a year. When you watch it, you’ll understand why they didn’t want this to become public as the evidence it presents is so damning! We finally were able to obtain this video via another channel. The interview is between Mercer County Sheriff Department detectives and Lori Pottkotter, a former coach at Fort Recovery Schools. It verifies the misconduct by Fort Recovery School officials in the handling of a sexual abuse case between a teacher and a student, and it shows that school officials attempted to put a gag on the disclosure of the sexual misconduct that was occurring.


We are confident that the forces behind the cover-up of the “spirit stick” and the mishandling of this sexual abuse case are the same. Jeff Grey and Matt Fox knew Shelly Vaughn (currently the County Superintendent) broke the law in handling this case. Is this the only sexual violation of students Vaughn covered up? Did other students suffer at the hands of a sexual predator employed by the school? Are students in the Fort Recovery Schools still at risk? Parents of school children in Fort Recovery deserve answers to these questions, and that is why an independent investigation needs to be launched. The children deserve to be safe at school!

Citizens, there have been far too many scandals in Mercer County. Jeff Grey is again in the middle of one. Grey had documented evidence, which he refused to provide us, that showed that a school official did not protect a child as required under Ohio law. With this evidence in hand do Grey and Fox move to investigate Vaughn for her failure to do her duty under Ohio law? No, they decide to withhold evidence, cover-up the wrongdoing and then the county chooses to promote Vaughn. If this sounds like the opposite of justice to you, then let your voice be heard. Call the news media, call your congressman, call your senator and don’t stop until this injustice is righted! The children will thank you.

6 Replies to “Explosive Video Exposes Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse in Fort Recovery Schools”

  1. Oh my gosh….where did you get this? This is awesome and it demonstrates why Fox has fought so hard to keep the videos secret. This is great. Hobbs, Sautbine, Vaughn all knew according to Pottkotter. They should lose their jobs and their state licenses. Hope this has gone to the state DOE.

  2. Please get the facts all out. Pottkotter and Bihn were school employees and they had the bigger duty to report directly to children’s services as they had the direct information. That is a fact in this case

  3. Sounds like Summers got a proper scentencing to me if he was also texting other girls. Guess Mercer County did nothing wrong there. Waiting for the full story to come out of this.

  4. My middle daughter said she was raped(in Mercer Co.) There was evidence but was still a he said/ she said situation. My question is, why wouldn’t the sheriff’s department and prosecutor’s office allow it to go on trial and see what the jury had to say??? Was it because of who the perpetrator’s family is???
    She’s now a US Marine. I doubt he’ll try that again!!! I want justice though. It needs to go to trial.

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