A New Year and Our Commitment to Pursue Justice for All

A New Year and Our Commitment to Pursue Justice for All

Happy New Year and Wishes for a better community for all the citizens of Mercer County in 2019!

We are proud that, with your help in 2018, we were able to verify and report the troubling abuse of children in Mercer County that was selectively covered up by officials. We are glad that by reporting on the “spirit stick” schools throughout Mercer County have raised awareness of hazing and its prevention.

Via tips and FOIA requests we were able to expose the cover-up of the Springer case and obtained troubling video and sheriff reports verifying that County Superintendent Shelly Vaughn did not take appropriate action in child abuse cases.

For 2019 we will continue to expose the corruption in Mercer County and their abuse of our fundamental First Amendment rights. UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh has done his paperwork to practice law in Ohio for 2019, and we are thankful that he will be on our side to defend the First Amendment. As hard as it is for many local officials to understand the First Amendment does apply in Mercer County.

We also are anxiously awaiting a decision by the Appeals Court to lift the gag order so that we can give citizens all the information about various cases. You deserve to know everything so that you can decide, based on all the facts, if a hideous crime that occurred in Mercer County went unpunished. We are also looking forward to our day in court in the spring to defend our right to free speech. We will expose the level of corruption in Mercer County. This is a story that will quickly develop in February.

Each of you deserves a community that is based on transparency, honor, and justice. It is time to drain the swamp of Mercer County and to end the reign of corruption, selective persecution of certain citizens, and the abuse by officials of various people in the community.

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