Truth in the Courtroom?

Truth in the Courtroom?

We have provided videos and documentation to show the ongoing deceit and outright lies occurring within the Mercer County legal system. Tragically Jeff Grey has proven that he will go to any means to corrupt justice for his own benefit. How can we, as a public trust, trust anything that is presented in a court of law by officials like this?

A few years ago, Jeff Rasawehr was involved in a child support case. His attorney, Clay Balyeat, emphasized that all financial documents presented to the court needed to be accurate and complete or the Mercer County would charge him with fraud. Jeff was extra diligent to make sure all his financial documents were indeed accurate. Prior to the child support hearing Jeff’s wife Pam had received a $2 million divorce settlement and a sizable cash interest payment. To Jeff’s astonishment, Pam’s brother and CPA, Doug Bertke, included none of this income in her financial documents that were filed with the court! Her financial records were a complete fraud.

Jeff’s attorneys brought Pam’s fraud to the attention of the judge. Knowing how serious Mercer County would pounce on him for any errors in his financial documents Jeff waited to see what would happen to Pam for the egregious fabrications she had in the financial documents she presented to the court as accurate.

If you’re one of the “special” citizens in Mercer County your penalty for falsifying financial documents and filing them with the court as accurate is, “Awe shucks – you got caught. Now go fix your fake documents and refile them with us.” If you’re the wrong type of citizen, you’d go to jail, but “special” citizens get a do-over. No fines, no jail time, no nothing. It must be nice to be a special friend of the powers that be in Mercer County. That is of course completely illegal as the constitution grants us all “equal protection under the law.” The law has to treat all citizens alike. But Mercer County officials often act like the constitution doesn’t apply them.

It is time to honor the constitution and drain the swamp of corruption in Mercer County.

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  1. It’s not just Mercer County, the judicial corruption is rampant in every country! I even wrote a book, “Checkmate-One Mans Fight Against Political Correction” available on Amazon, about my dealings with the judicial “hit squads”, consisting of retired judges and special prosecutors that the “ruling class” of Ohio use to provide positive political verdicts for them.

    Good luck next week. Just remember, “The law is a weapon, the courtroom is the battlefield, the judge is your enemy, and your attorney is an enemy spy”.

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