This Trial is About Freedom!

This Trial is About Freedom!

On the eve of the trial, we would like to thank all of our supporters and assure each citizen that the goal of this website has been to expose corruption and to make Mercer County better for all of the citizens.

We do enter the trial with a grave concern that a de facto crime syndicate is running the Mercer County legal system. We have the legal documents, dating back to 2011, verifying that Jeff Grey and other officials were determined to persecute and imprison Jeff Rasawehr. These documents will be made public this week. The obsession Grey and Fox had with Rasawehr for not playing by what they call “the rules of Mercer County” speak the language of organized crime controlling the legal system.

Jeff enters the trial knowing that he has to stand up against corruption and fight for his first amendment rights. If the rights granted to citizens by our Constitution are not vigorously fought for by people like Jeff, then eventually our rights will be diminished, and corruption will win.

We fear that the presence of Jeff Grey and Matt Fox in the courtroom will have an intimidating effect on the jury and may influence how they vote. We can only hope that the citizens of Mercer County will stand for justice and we will keep a watchful eye on these proceedings.

Thank you for your support! The second amendment, the right to life and freedom of speech are all core to our rights as Americans. This trial is not about Jeff Rasawehr; it’s about freedom!

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