Matt Fox Files to Delay Jeff Rasawehr’s 3-Year-Old Misdemeanor Trial

Matt Fox Files to Delay Jeff Rasawehr’s 3-Year-Old Misdemeanor Trial

Prosecutor Matt Fox requested a delay in Jeff Rasawehr’s misdemeanor trial (see attached). This is one of the numerous delays that have occurred in this case. The concerted effort to stop Rasawehr for exposing corruption is starting to grasp at straws. They do not want this case heard for all the exposure it will bring upon the corrupt activities of many Mercer County officials.

Rasawehr’s misdemeanor case is now three years old. The case is on its fourth judge, and recently another jury had to be canceled after officials were caught placing Sheriff Grey in the jury pool. This seems like an obvious move to try to intimidate Rasawehr. This case has called 180 jurors, and we’re still counting.

Recently this case took an ugly turn as officials made additional threats to try and stop Rasawehr from exposing corruption. This was on top of Judge Ingraham suppressing documents exposing a heinous crime.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing threats, will need to take a brief break until after the trial. Rest assured Jeff Rasawehr is firmly committed to ending corruption in Mercer County. This past week Jeff has been meeting with professionals in the media world for a documentary film on and the corruption in Mercer County.

Rasawehr remains committed to showing the email documents verifying misconduct by county officials. We will be videotaping the trial and will post it on and YouTube for all to see. We will also use the video as evidence when we file for damages in Federal Court.

We will post on and on our social media accounts the new dates for the trial once they’re known. If you are planning on attending the trial please let Jeff Rasaswehr know by emailing him at

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  1. Please, remain vigilant and stay on course! So many others; desperately waiting for your case to tear the evil clothe! God bless and good speed!

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