Standing for Justice

Standing for Justice

Jeff Rasawehr’s long-awaited misdemeanor trial is coming up on Feb. 26, 27 & 28. Jeff plans to stand up for justice because right and wrong still matter in this country. Before 2011 Jeff Rasawehr had zero offenses in Mercer County. Not even a traffic ticket. In early 2012 Jeff was confronted Sheriff Jeff Grey, and Grey warned, “I can put anybody in jail for anything I want. You just watch me.” Rasawehr did not learn until later how vicious and true that threat was!

Through a FOIA (freedom of information act) request has a series of documents with various officials scheming on how to incarcerate Rasawehr. At this point, Rasawehr was going through a divorce and a family trust disagreement. With well over 1000 acres of land at stake, both families targeted for the sake of greed. During this time Sheriff Grey took an odd obsession with jailing Rasawehr. This should have been just a family dispute. What persuaded grey to get so involved?

During the upcoming trial, Rasawehr will prove he was a targeted citizen. The trial will allow the jury to hear precisely what is going on in Mercer County. Including the corruption of certain individuals, which will be made public. We will video tape the entire trial and release it on YouTube for all to see.

It’s all important to note that we have been pointing out the corrupt practices of Judge Jeff Ingraham. Ingraham has publicly vented about how much he despises Jeff Rasawehr. Why is a judge getting so personal about his issues with a citizen?

We ask for your support and at the trial. Please attend the trial at The Celina Municipal Court House. It will be much appreciated. We can promise that what will be disclosed at the trial will shock Mercer County residents and will, hopefully, begin the demise of The Mercer County Mafia.

We know that Grey and other county officials will take all steps to place Rasawehr in jail. We are concerned that Grey and others may tamper with the jury. We already reported that Grey was in the jury pool two years ago on a Rasaswher trial. We know that officials have rigged the municipal courthouse with the wife of detective Chad Fortkamp and the daughter of detective Timmerman working there. Not to mention Grey campaigned aggressively for Judge Speelman for control of the courts

In the end, this is all about control. A corrupt family wanted control of a trust, an opportunistic family of Agnes Bertke wanted as many dollars as possible for some of her children experiencing financial problems. And the Megalomaniac Jeff Grey took a personal vendetta against a private citizen.

For more detailed information visit the link below to watch a video by Jeff Rasawehr:

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