Threats & Intimidation by Local Officials

Threats & Intimidation by Local Officials

With the Jeff Rasawehr trial approaching Mercer County is pulling out all the stops to achieve their goal of putting Jeff Rasawehr in jail. He has recently received threats and intimidation from officials who are trying to force him into a plea bargain deal. Just today he was threatened again!

The first amendment is a sacred right to question those who govern and to inform the public. Mercer County officials are determined to suppress any investigation and exposure of corruption!

There is no coincidence that the 26 bogus misdemeanor charges filed against Jeff Rasawehr occur after he called Jeff Grey the 0-10 sheriff. The persistent threats and intimidation by authorities to suppress investigations into the misconduct of local officials is a violation of everyone’s rights – Jeff Rasawehr’s right to free speech and the public’s right to know what their government is doing.

Jeff Rasawehr resolves to stand for justice and to expose the corruption in Mercer County is not going to end. We look forward to seeing Jeff Rasawehr prove in court on Feb. 26, 27 & 28 that, in a coordinated fashion, Grey and Fox targeted a private citizen to shut down his constitutional rights. You can get away with that in China but not in the United States of America!

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  1. Once again the onslaught keeps coming. last night I decided to go for a bike ride because I couldnt sleep. C.P.D. deciced to stop me and continually badger me until I relinqueshed my socialsecurity number the patrolman new who I was because hes the same one trying to protect his job after countless false arrests that have been dropped since ive had countless pre-trials Thursday I go to court for my 4 th pretial on an original charge that is now 14 months old…..

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