We Have to Stop Being Slow to Act on Child Sex Crimes

We Have to Stop Being Slow to Act on Child Sex Crimes

Leaders help establish the proper standard of conduct for those they lead. We hope that our leaders, especially in government, set the standard of conduct bar high.

In Mercer County, the leadership of Fox, Grey, and Ingraham have established a standard of intimidation and a pattern of reacting slowly to child sex crimes.

We became aware of this when Jeff Rasawehr exercised his First Amendment rights by calling Jeff Grey the “0-10 sheriff” in the war on heroin. Almost immediately afterword’s Jeff received a threat of rape/sodomy from a county official and another man, who also questioned Jeff Grey, was also threatened with rape and had his window shot out and property vandalized. Coincidence?

When the sexual abuse of school athletes was intentionally covered up Jeff Grey established a pattern of covering up some sex crimes to protect the image of certain “select” residents. In a case that we have reported on involving an adult having sex with a child Grey, Fox and Ingraham created a “spectacle” to appear to deal with the offense yet the abuse this child endured could have ended much sooner had the information the county had been acted on appropriately. The children in our county need to be protected from those that would sexually abuse them. Based on how some in County leadership are responding to crimes, like those mentioned, they’re giving sexual predators the signal that the County is slow to act on these crimes.

The time has come for the community to say collectively that intimidation, especially by using the threat of rape, and the sexual abuse of our children is wrong and has to stop! It is evident that Grey, Fox, and Ingraham have failed miserably to address these issues adequately and the children in the community will pay the price for this failure.

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