Justice Corrupted

Justice Corrupted

We were tipped that common plea Judge Jeff Ingraham chose to give no bond to accused rapist Russell Hutcheson and that we needed to investigate Ingraham and the common pleas court. Watch the video below:

CountyCoverup.com has had numerous tips concerning Judge Ingraham and his form of “justice.” We have noticed that out of the area visiting drug dealers, who are not part of the Mercer County Mafia “network,” get hammered by the full weight of justice by this judge, but “select” drug dealers are put back on the streets.

Equally troubling is that if you follow Sheriff Jeff Grey on Facebook, you’ll see he posts his trophy arrests for the viewing pleasure of the community but when one of the “select” drug dealers are arrested there is nothing said. We are noticing that if nothing is mentioned by Grey, the legal system in Mercer County quickly and quietly gets these dealers back on the street.

In the case of Hutcheson, he is a 45-year-old man from Georgia and the alleged victim is 12 years of age. By posting no bond and not having strong local ties Hutcheson is a huge risk of flight. What reason did Judge Ingraham have not to have a bond posted on this man? File this under, “Where there is smoke there is fire.”

It is increasingly apparent that for Jeff Grey and Matt Fox to manage their system of corruption they have damaged the integrity of the courts of Mercer County. We have obtained documented evidence of Jeff Grey keeping illegal files on citizens. Is there blackmail going on? Where is the equally weighted justice for all?

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