Why Do Those Who Do Wrong in the County Often Get Rewarded?

Why Do Those Who Do Wrong in the County Often Get Rewarded?

There is a clear pattern that has emerged in Mercer County. Do the bidding of the Mercer County Mafia and get rewarded for your support. We’d like to highlight many examples.

Shelly Vaughn plays her role in covering up the spirit stick sexual assault incident, and again she plays a role in mishandling the Summers Case. She is rewarded with a job as County Superintendent.

Detective Fortkamp, at sheriff’s office, continues his incompetence with documented damage to vehicles and leaving sheriff’s department dog, Zac, in a car to roast to death. But Fortkamp does the dirty deeds of the Mafia, and he has been rewarded with a job for his wife at the municipal courthouse. Fortkamp continues his blunders as he accuses a citizen of harassing a building. Yes, you read that correctly.

Detective Timmerman, at sheriff’s office, illegally handles the investigation of Summers case. Timmerman targets an innocent citizen, and he is rewarded with a job, for his daughter, at the municipal courthouse.

At the Celina Police department, Ron Waltmire has had a history of being front and center to do the bidding of the Mafia. Waltmire came to Mercer County law enforcement after serving time in Van Wert County for alcohol abuse. As Waltmire retires, he is hired by Fox to work at prosecutor’s office. You see Ron Waltmire is a good soldier for the mafia and he has done what he has been asked to do.

Jerry Laffin’s nephew is slapped on the wrist for the death of an 18-year-old girl in a case that involved excessive alcohol abuse. Jerry Laffin “thanks” Sheriff Grey with a retire and rehire scheme.

Mike “THE BULL” Boley is CEO of brightnet and has been a valuable source of information to Sheriff Jeff Grey. We believe officials in the county are blackmailing citizens and select officials using information obtained from Boley concerning their Internet activity. Boley’s “reward”? He gets to rent Bryson Trust land at $40,000 per year under market rate.

Citizens, like any good crime syndicate those who support it and cover for it are rewarded. When the good people in the county suffer for it, oh well.

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