11 Drug Addicts Arrested, But No Drug Dealers…Why?

11 Drug Addicts Arrested, But No Drug Dealers…Why?

On Dec 26th, in a move that would have made J. Edgar Hoover proud, Sheriff Jeff Grey triumphantly announced the arrest of 11 people on drug charges which he displayed for all to see. The spectacle gave the appearance that Grey is tough on crime, and the fake news media fell in line to propagandize the event.

We have received numerous tips that these 11 people were all low profile users. These are struggling addicts who were very easy to bust. Grey did not bust a single dealer. The dealers who help keep these 11 people hooked on drugs are still, apparently, a protected class by Grey and the local Mercer County mafia.

Why did Grey feel the need to do this? Simple, the public is realizing that Jeff Grey has failed miserably with the drug trade. Grey, either by incompetence or by intent, allowed Mercer County/Celina to become overrun by the drug trade. Even worse both Bowman and Wuebker escaped from Grey as we have pointed out in previous articles. Grey’s gross incompetence is an embarrassment.

Early this week we released of documents that Grey and Fox have illegally withheld from FOIA requested information that verified “structural” corruption in the county and in particular at Fort Recovery.

Citizens, we want the drug trade in the county to stop. However, see these 11 arrests for what they are. These are arrests of hopeless addicts to add in the propaganda the sheriff is tough on the drug trade. If Sheriff Jeff Grey started arresting the actual drug dealers in the county, then we’d know he’s serious. But he isn’t. Wouldn’t you like to know why?

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