For Those in Need the County can do Better

For Those in Need the County can do Better

Recently Judge Speelman chose to make an example of Daniel Powers by adding to his sentencing a five-year banishment from Mercer County! What Mr. Powers did, in this case, is irrefutable. He is guilty and should not have done what he did.

The problem is that Daniel Powers has extenuating circumstances that inhibit him from coping with normal social interactions and situations. We do not believe these circumstances were entirely taken into account. If so this “banishment” ruling would not have occurred.

Mercer County needs to take a serious look at how they are handling people with challenges that are outside their control. After all Matthew 25:40 says, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

In the case of Mr. Powers, he should have been appropriately referred, by the county, for treatment and assistance. He had multiple priors where the appropriate service and treatment should have occurred. He does deserve punishment. However, banishment is unconstitutional. The way in which WCSM collaborated to make Mr. Powers a point of ridicule and resentment is horrible!

This has been a pattern for officials in the county, and most often it is in ignorance that officials abuse those most in need and hold them up for ridicule and condemnation by the public. WCSM gleefully participates in the public degradation!

Mr. Powers is not the only one. A Mercer County sheriff’s officer tased an autistic man, Dustin Clouse. In another incident the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department stormed the home of Josh Dorsten, knowing that he had suffered brain trauma in an accident. In their commando-style raid, 3 officers shot up the house with Tazers and sent a grandmother to the hospital.

When will this insanity end? Enough is enough! It is time for law enforcement, judges and other officials to receive training on how to best serve those who are most in need!

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