Mercer County Sheriff’s Office – Another Escape

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office – Another Escape

WCSM reported on Wednesday, Dec. 5, that Erik Bowman is wanted for escape through the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office (see article).

During the past year, Bowman has been charged with tampering with evidence (see attached), in addition to drug offenses related to the Mercer County Jail (see attached).

His escape is concerning as he is the second to escape this year from the grasp of Sheriff Jeff Grey. Earlier this year we reported on Mr. Wuebker escape.

We have received numerous tips that there is an active drug trade at the Mercer County Jail and that a few select employees are involved. There are a lot of good cops that do their job right but what is troubling is that when certain individuals are arrested, it seems that the ”Mercer County Mafia” gets them back on the streets to work.

In the case of furloughing inmates, which happens regularly, Miami County places a GPS ankle bracelet on the released with the $30 fee paid by the inmate. It cost the county nothing. Why doesn’t Mercer County use a similar system? Are the county officials this grossly incompetent or does Jeff Grey and Matt Fox want certain felons back to work and on the streets?

When we offered a “bounty” for info on Wuebker when he escaped. Twice we had his whereabouts when he was in Celina and in both cases, we contacted Celina Chief of Police Tom Wale, and Mr. Wale said he did not have jurisdiction.

In this case, Bowman is very active in illicit activities in the county. Conveniently Jeff Grey, it seems, has placed him back on the streets.

Call to Action:

  1. Tell Jeff Grey, Matt Fox, and County Commissioners to announce that all those released on furlough will have to pay a fee for a GPS tracking device.
  2. It is time to drain the swamp in Mercer County. Jeff Grey and Matt Fox need to resign now.

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