Abuse of the Courts

Abuse of the Courts

In 2015 Jeff Rasawehr provided information to the police on a homicide in Mercer County. The information provided was that the deceased was providing information on Sheriff Jeff Grey and the drug trade and that the deceased was the victim of a crime that lead to his death.

The Celina Police Dept., Ron Waltmire, and the Celina Municipal Court used this as an excuse to get a search warrant (see attached) on Jeff Rasawehr’s phone. Of note two parties that were involved in the death and would have had valuable information on this crime NEVER had their phone records searched! Why?

The reason that The Mercer County Mafia needed to use this excuse to access Jeff Rasawehr’s phone records was that the local drug cartel was concerned that the deceased, who was involved in the drug trade, had potentially given Jeff key information on Sheriff Grey and others!

For the courts to use this flimsy excuse to harass a private citizen is not what a free society is predicated on. Continuing evidence points to a court system in Mercer County that is under the influence of the local drug

What many see as a “battle” between Jeff Rasawehr and Jeff Grey is, in fact, a private citizen, who is actively pursuing documented proof of corruption, and organized crime operating in official positions in Mercer County. Jeff Grey, Matt Fox and others portray this as a vendetta and that they are but victims as The Mercer County Mafia pursues all possible options to discredit and or stop CountyCoverup.com’s ongoing investigations into organized crime within Mercer County.

The overreach by the courts of getting a search warrant on Jeff Rasawehr phone had no basis other than a concern as to what information may have been sent to Rasawehr concerning the drug trade in Mercer County.


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