Sheriff Jeff Grey – Buying Support Using the Taxpayers Money

Sheriff Jeff Grey – Buying Support Using the Taxpayers Money

Last week Sheriff Jeff Grey pompously called for a 5% raise for all county employees (see story here)! What a generous gesture for him to offer your hard-earned tax dollars to buy his support from county employees! It must be nice to be able to buy your support using other people’s money.

Citizens see this for what it is. Jeff Grey is in serious trouble on many fronts. In just the past months we’ve verified the following:

  1. Jeff Grey was informed by Father Dorn of the abuse of children in Fort Recovery. He, along with Chris Hamberg, took steps to “bully” the victims so that none would press charges.
  2. We have documented proof that Grey, along with the prosecutor’s office, took unnecessary steps to protect and cover-up improper actions involving young girls and Mr. Springer.
  3. We have documented proof that Jeff Grey has been tampering with the courts. Specifically rigging the municipal court and possibly blackmailing other officials.
  4. We have documented proof that Jeff Greys’ sons have been getting slaps on the wrist for drinking and driving.
  5. We have ongoing verification that the drug trade in Mercer County is being managed. Select dealers are given a wink and a nod to operate while those who come into the area and not “licensed” operators are ceremonially punished.
  6. We have documented proof that Jeff Grey and Commissioner Jerry Laffin did a behind the scenes deal to retire and rehire Sheriff Grey. The question remains why the local media did not report this to the public.
  7. The facts are evident Jeff Grey and Prosecutor Matt Fox have been running the legal system of Mercer County. Fox says they have their own rules and the run Mercer County for the benefit of themselves.

Do the employees of Mercer County deserve a raise? Probably. Are most of the rank and file employees doing a great job? Absolutely. But let’s see what this 5% raise Jeff Grey asking is really all about. This is a very corrupt official who is being investigated and is trying to buy off support with your money! It is time for Jeff Grey to finally resign!

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  1. Talking about money I would like to know how the Common plea court decides who to go after for unpaid fines and fees. Cause I know some people have owed for many years and don’t heard nothing. But they have come after a friend of mine who’s fines were just a year ago. And they want to put this person in jail for 90 days. The person has a job and a lot of bills plus Christmas coming up. Matt Fox wants over half of it paid. I believe that it is Targeting and think there is more behind it then money.

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