An Offer to Grey, Fox and Ingraham

An Offer to Grey, Fox and Ingraham has investigated and exposed acts of misconduct by county officials, and it has so upset them that they have used the courts to violate the Constitution by suppressing information from the public of a horrible crime. Also, to attempt to shut down this website Judge Jeffrey Ingraham, in a “sick’ move, took steps to prevent Jeff Rasawehr (publisher of from seeing his sons play basketball.

We know that Grey, Fox, and Ingraham want the exposure of their corruption to end! We have an offer to The Mercer County Mafia: simply lift the gag order for a 20-minute video release that will contain only Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and pictures. Let show the public, with the county’s internal documents, what we know and what happened. What would be the harm? These documents, after all, are the very documents the county already has in its possession.

If we get the ability to do this one-time release of evidence, then Jeff Rasawehr will sign a document to never again mention this crime. In addition, lift the sick attack on his children, and he will take down

Citizens, let’s look at it this way; the documents that we want to release are in fact legal documents proving a crime. The mafia already has all these documents. Our position is to let us show the public one time what exists. If we have nothing what does this hurt?

Our legal staff has already confirmed that Ingraham took steps to attack my children to create a bargaining chip. The Mercer County Mafia wants to hide facts, shut us down and shut Jeff Rasawehr up. If our facts are really nothing, then they should take us up on the offer. They’ll have nothing to lose and get everything they want.

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