Did Law Enforcement Encourage a Victim to Change their Testimony?

Did Law Enforcement Encourage a Victim to Change their Testimony?

We expect justice in our courtrooms. It is the job of law enforcement to accumulate all the evidence and accurately portray it to the jury. Lady Justice is blind, after all, and the scales of justice are supposed to tip to one side or the other based on an accurate presentation of the evidence. It is the role of the judge to ensure that a fair trial is conducted and that the sentence if there is one, fits the severity of the crime.

The way justice was metered out in the Chris Summer’s case was not only tragic it was criminal. What Chris Summers did was entirely illegal, and punishment needed to be given. But the average sentence for a crime like his is four years. Chris got a 20-year sentence. What you will see in this video (click here) is Mercer County law enforcement trying to sway the victims’ testimony in order to influence the outcome of the Chris Summers verdict. Jeff Grey and Matt Fox don’t want an honest verdict.

In the case of Judge Ingraham, he may indeed be the most pathetic. The judge is in an elevated position of trust. Yet in the Summer’s case, like many others, Ingraham violates our Constitution. It is a sad day in America when a judge tramples on the rights of a citizen even if they are guilty of a crime.

CountyCoverup.com holds sacred the rights, promised by our constitution, of all citizens. That includes the rights of men and women who break the law to stand before a jury and receive a fair and honest sentence. Even those who have committed an illegal act can pay their debt to society and heal their lives. However, what Matt Fox, Jeff Grey, and Ingraham are doing makes them criminals as well.

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  1. This is just like Paul Howell and Matt Lammers told Chris- the worst case of police leading a witness they had ever seen. Chris was not allowed to see this video and we just now saw it. Why, oh why, did Howell throw in the towel? This video would have busted the prosecution’s entire case.

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