Breaking News on the Child Sex Crime Cover-Up in Fort Recovery

Breaking News on the Child Sex Crime Cover-Up in Fort Recovery

We have requested, via FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), and obtained documentation that multiple administrators and officials in Fort Recovery schools knew of the Chris Summers affair and the child sexual abuse (aka spirit-stick) and did nothing.

Additionally, in an interview with Joe Bruns, a teacher/coach at Fort Recovery High School, he said he remembers, when he was a freshman coach, when the “spirit-stick” was discussed (click to listen to audio). Now read part of a transcript we have from a student interview regarding the “spirit-stick” (we have the audio but to protect his identity we’re only releasing text from the interview):

Interviewer: “Let me ask you a couple of questions. Are you familiar with the word (unintelligible)… what was the name of it?
Student: “Spirit-stick?”
Interviewer: “The spirit-stick.”
Student: “Yes.”
Interviewer: “Are you familiar with the spirit-stick?”
Student: “Yes.”
Interviewer: “Did it exists?”
Student: “Yes, I’ve seen it. Yeah.”
Interviewer: “Does it exists?”
Student: “Yes.”
Interviewer: “Can you tell me what it is?”
Student: “It’s a wooden dildo.”
Interviewer: “It was?”
Student: “Yes. (pause) It was made in the Fort Recovery shop class from what I understand years back.”
Interviewer: “ah huh”
Student: “And it’s a tradition to terrorize freshman basketball players…”
Interviewer: “ah huh”
Student: “…and ahh typically ones that are playing up on the varsity level…”
Interviewer: “ah huh”
Student: “…ahh and typically it happens at the Findlay camp err ahh where hazing kinda happens at the Findlay camp…”
Interviewer: “Did you see this, this stick?”
Student: “I, I have seen it. It wasn’t ever…I’ve never been touched with it or anything, but I’ve actually seen the stick.”

If adults and students within the Fort Recovery Schools were aware of the “spirit-stick” dildo and the hazing what steps were taken to protect the children?

We are compiling the documents we obtained via our FOIA request mentioned earlier and will be turning them over to the Department of Education. In addition, we will be releasing taped testimony that the Mercer County Sheriff’s office has had on file about this matter and did nothing about it.

We know Sheriff Jeff Grey, and Matt Fox want to protect the good old boy network in Fort Recovery. Storm clouds are on the horizon as these taped interviews from the Sheriff’s office implicate that a cover-up of sexual abuse by school officials and the Sheriff’s department occurred.

On Friday we will be releasing additional documentation showing that the cover-up of child sexual abuse in Fort Recovery Schools includes a high-level school official.

The evidence is becoming very clear that school and county officials were complicit in the cover-up of the sexual abuse of children in our community. Citizens it is time for justice to be done!

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