Feb. 26-28 Your Freedom of Speech Goes on Trial

Feb. 26-28 Your Freedom of Speech Goes on Trial

Two years ago, to suppress freedom of speech and to control Jeff Rasawehr, Matt Fox and Jeff Grey slandered Rasawehr with 26 rigged free speech misdemeanor charges to get him to play by, what Matt Fox calls, “The Rules of Mercer County.” This case has been seen by four judges, each has seen it for the slander campaign that it was, but each dropped out of the case because it is such a mess. Therefore, the Ohio Supreme Court had to appoint a judge.

The current judge on the case admits that this is the oldest misdemeanor case in Ohio. Also, the charges related to Jeff Rasawehr’s social media posts are the only charges of this type ever brought again someone in Ohio.

Simply put the best way to protect corruption in government is to suppress speech and that is why our Founding Fathers put freedom of speech in the First Amendment.

We know that Matt Fox and Jeff Grey will take all steps possible to “rig” the jury. In the first juror pool that was put forward Jeff Grey was one of the jurors, and so was Matt Fox’s secretary! Matt Fox joked that it was an accident. Jeff Rasawehr’s attorneys said it was no accident. It was a way for Fox and Grey to send a message that they could stack, and therefore rig, the jury!

We, unfortunately, learned that the mechanism to “rig juror pools” was assured by placing Chad Fortkamps wife in the municipal courthouse and by putting Doug Timmermans daughter in a position at the courthouse as well.

Jeff Rasawehr is going to stand for the First Amendment and not back down from corruption. Rasawehr has received an earlier threat from Jeff Grey saying that he would put Rasawehr in jail and have him raped! America was built on young men and women risking their lives for the freedom and liberty of this country. Rasawehr has determined that this is his moment to stand against corruption and to defend our rights as citizens to question our government and its officials.

We invite everyone to attend this trial on Feb 26-28 at Celina Municipal Courthouse. Your freedom of speech is on trial, so please attend. It will either reinforce the rights the Constitution guarantees us, or it will further shred our rights as citizens.

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  1. I support you Jeff, 100% …

    As a past student of yours, I learned more from a year of your teaching then the rest of my education.

    One thing to consider is that these court rooms may be commercial courts with no signed delegation of authority order.

    They have managed to shred the rest of our rights as citizens and replace them with selective privilage.

    Uniform Commerce Code was brought over by the lawyers of London to expedite court cases and make them all filthy rich.

    We have had our rule of law converted into commercial courts which resemble our constitutional rights to maintain an illusion.

    Under UCC you have no rights, when you sign your power of attorney over you are made a ward of the state, and thus considered dead.

    Contract is law and law is contract.

    Again..these courts often operate as a part of the executive branch as military tribunals.

    There is a reason the 13th amendment was trying to block anyone holding a title of nobility from holding office.

    Lawyers are esquires and they have a duty and loyalty to the BAR before yourself.

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