Pinocchio Jeff Grey

Pinocchio Jeff Grey

This week Sheriff Jeff Grey released a statement (attached) regarding the hazing tradition of the “spirit stick” in Fort Recovery that we reported on over 2 weeks ago (see article). You can watch our video response to this statement here (video).

Jeff Grey suggests that it is a rumor. What is not a rumor is that Father Dorn and two parents reported this alleged sex crime to Jeff Grey. Under Ohio law ORC 2151.42 Jeff Grey had a duty to investigate and to report the incident to the proper jurisdiction. This alleged crime occurred during a basketball camp in Findlay Ohio (Hancock County) thus this is where jurisdiction belonged.

In the letter sent out to the community, Jeff Grey says that this was reported to Hancock County sheriff’s office. However, a FOIA request of Hancock County sheriff’s office verifies that there were no reports made during the time period requested (2005-2010) concerning the incident (see email exchange with Hancock County). In addition, we questioned Findlay Police and they also said they were never contacted (listen to the audio).

The failure of Jeff Grey to investigate this crime in Mercer County (we FOIA requested documents and none exist) coupled with Jeff Grey and others not reporting this to Hancock County nor Findlay Police is a felony under Ohio Law.

Citizens the very man in charge of public trust to enforce the law in Mercer County seems to be guilty of a felony himself. With this released statement and the documents to verify the falsehoods that it contains Sheriff Jeff Grey has lied to the public to try to further cover-up his misdeeds.

The children in Mercer County need law enforcement officials that will fight to protect them. They don’t need law enforcement officials that cover-up heinous sex acts by not reporting them, as required by law, and then lie to the public about it.

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