Another Child Sex Crime – Another Cover-Up

Another Child Sex Crime – Another Cover-Up

After releasing the article on the Fort Recovery child sodomy scandal, involving a cover-up by Jeff Grey, a mother contacted us with an equally disturbing story. In an interview with detective Jack Bastian the mother provides several details (see audio clips below) around the story of the sexual assault of her 12-year-old daughter:

Interview Clip #1: She was sexually assaulted in Mercer County by a 34-year-old man (listen).

Interview Clip #2: A counselor verifies the sexual assault was turned it over to Mercy County officials (listen).

Interview Clip #3: Verifies County thought the incident should be prosecuted (listen)

Interview Clip #4: Verification crime got into the hands of the sheriff’s office (listen)

Interview Clip #5: This child sexual assault was covered-up and the documents were mysteriously lost (listen)

We are diligently working to get the Child Services documents on this case that were sent to Mercy County that warranted an investigation under Ohio revised code 2151.42.

How horrible a crime is it when a 34-year-old man sexually abuses a 12-year-old girl and gets away with it? Unfortunately, this is yet another example of Jeff Grey and Matt Fox selectively choosing to cover-up a crime when they do not want an important person exposed. Tragically, because of the mounting number of child sex crimes being covered-up, the worst criminals are Matt Fox and Jeff Grey. How many other victims are there that have been denied justice? How many pedophiles walk freely in Mercer County because their crimes were covered-up? How many more children have to be sexually abused before the citizens of Mercer County say, “Not my kids! Not in my town!”

Citizens it is time to hold Mercer County officials, who break the law and put our children in extreme danger, accountable for their actions!

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  1. I have been reporting crimes like this, for more than 20 years. Then they killed another girl. It’s money thru the courts.

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